Video 101

Ever wonder what it takes to create all those videos of bulls that you watch before Bull Sale Season?  It certainly looks simple enough.  Until you try to make one that doesn’t seem as though very young children were in charge . . .

  • Step One:  arrange for bulls to be clipped, groomed, cleaned
  • Step Two:  juggle the realities of weather, filming conditions, and whether or not the synchronized heifers are all calving
  • Step Three:  set up a pen with a pleasant backdrop (preferably not manure piles, retired machinery, or a rotten fence through which bulls will exit)
  • Step Four:  choose a team who enjoys the work, has a better than average patience range, and has nothing else pressing to do, as this process CANNOT be hurried
  • Step Five: trudge quietly behind bulls until they manage one or two walking passes the length of the filming pen (rule of thumb is acquire 3 to 5 minutes of video for every 45 seconds of good footage)
  • Step Six: spend all of your evening hours for the next 4 days snipping and assembling the good bits of video . . .
  • Step Seven:  finally upload the finished project-either when it is edited to satisfaction, or one’s spouse is threatening to use one’s computer as a calf sled if one does not turn it off and become human again

There you are!  All of the secrets revealed . . .

Hope your calving season has begun well and may your hay yards stay full.



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